Smt. S.D. Mehta,
The Founder Principal

Smt. S.D. Mehta, the founder Principal of this school was born on Oct, 28, 1944 at Naraingarh. She got her early education at Naraingarh and was shifted to Ambala for higher education. She faced many difficulties during her schooling. So at that time she had thought of opening a school to overcome the difficulties of these rural children.

After her marriage and long experience of teaching, she came back from Delhi leaving all comforts of her life to give way to her Cherished Dreams. In 1988 she established this institution. She left no stone unturned to uplift this institution and to achieve the goal of her heart’s desire. She always strove to uplift her students intellectually, morally and spiritually. She was a guide, friend and philosopher for her students and was the lady of simple living and high thinking. Writing poems was also her hobby. She wrote many patriotic songs as well as poems. She was an ideal teacher. She was the idol of love and affection.

She was the symbol of pure soul and Nobel character. The cruel hands of death snatched this pearl from us on June 27, 2002.

May her soul rest in eternal peace!

Sh S.K. Mehta,
The founder Chairman

Sh S.K. Mehta, the founder Chairman of this school was a very generous, warm and rich natured person. He took premature retirement from the Indian Air Force to support his beloved wife in the establishment of this school. He loved all of us with his heart and soul.

We feel blessed that he brought freshness, contentment, optimism and hope into our lives.

Very courteous and considerate he endeared himself all the more to us. He was humble and down to earth. He always made everyone feel happy in his company.

A great lover of children, he made a tremendous contribution to the upliftment of this institution. This institution flourished in all directions in his lifetime.

Unfortunately, we lost this great personality on 3rd Jan 2014.

May his soul rest in eternal peace!

Principal's Message

Blue Bells, we take pride in our endeavours to arm students with essential knowledge and skills for living, in particular, the ability and confidence to study, understand and apply for any subject so that they can successfully follow whatever path they choose in life.

We lay emphasis on all round development of students personalities on various fronts Academic, Cultural, Sports, Seminars, excellent results of class 10th& 12th CBSE exam level. House competitions from zonals in sports to nationals, Essay Writing competitions, Debates all speak of the magnificent leaps and bound made by our students.

Strong classroom teaching and the right balance between studies and activities are our plus points. The School has highly qualified and well-experienced staff. This results in individuals who gain greater affinity with the world around them than they could expect to get elsewhere.

I hope that this website will encourage you to join us and I look forward to answering any questions relating to your child’s educational development.


Rajiv Kumar Mehta