Aims and Objective

The school is divided into Four houses for the purpose of different activities- Nehru, Tagore ,Gandhi and Shastri. Regular Inter House competitions are held for the following activities – Declamation, Debate, GK Quiz, Dancing and Singing, Games and Sports, Drawing and Painting, Fancy Dress, Essay Writing, Skit and Art and Craft.

“Secret of our success is Hardwork Self-Confidence and Positive Attitude.”

To train the mind and shape the character of the young generation. To provide the facilities for learning social and other sciences irrespective of creed, caste and place of origin to produce students capable of shouldering responsibility towards fellow human beings, their families, neighbourhood and their country. To teach the technique that will enable them to discover their talents and powers, earn their livelihood and be inspiring citizens of their great Nation and worthy members of the world community. Punctuality, neatness, courtesy, consideration for others and co-operative spirit are insisited upon.